11 Realistic Business and Life Goals for Christians

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Life goals and business goals for the Christian who wants to live with purpose

As a Christian entrepreneur, it’s really important to set business goals and life goals if you want to live and run your business for the glory of God.

Goal setting is an important activity, unfortunately, many people ignore it, or even when they set goals, they never take steps to follow through on their goals. There are many goals for entrepreneurs to pursue, but as a Christian, your goals must align with the word of God, otherwise, you become just like any other business owner out there.

Now, apart from your business goals, you should also have Christian life goals because you also want to grow as a person. In fact, you will become a better entrepreneur the more you grow as a person.

Personal growth is a must for any business owner who wants to grow their business and achieve their goals. So, let’s look at some Christian business goals and Christian life goals you can realistically achieve.


Realistic Business and Life Goals for Christians


We live in a time when it’s so easy to get distracted. Many entrepreneurs complain about not having enough time to do all the things they want to do, so many tasks go uncompleted, and their business doesn’t flourish the way they hoped. But, when you look at how they spend their time, you find that a lot of time is frittered away.

One of the reasons many small businesses are not profitable is because their level of productivity isn’t high enough. The more productive you are, the higher your chances of growing your business and increasing your productivity.

This applies whether you are a business owner or an employee. As a Christian, you should be productive, using your time purposefully ad intentionally.

So, increasing your productivity should be one of your goals for the coming year. Look at how you spend your time and eliminate time wasters and other distractions.


How healthy are you financially? How is the financial health of your business? Do you manage your business and personal finances well?

As a Christian business owner, how you manage your finances is really important especially if you want to be a good and faithful steward. So, having a handle on how much comes into your business and how much goes out is crucial for the success of your business.

If you haven’t been managing your finances as you should, make it your goal to improve your money management skills. Find ways to grow your profit, become an intentional spender, track your spending, get out of debt, and don’t forget to give.

It’s very hard to give to causes that are important to you when you are financially stressed, so that should be an incentive for you to improve your finances.


I hope you created some kind of business plan when you started your business. If you didn’t, don’t worry, you can still create a business plan today. A business plan is one of the most important things you can create for your business, so don’t skip out on this.

If you created one when you started your business, it’s time to take a look at it and see if you need to make some changes. If you haven’t looked at your business plan for a long time, you may be missing out on some things or spending time on activities that aren’t working for your business.

Revamping your business plan is a great way to help you stay on track, and make changes to your business, so you can continue to grow it.

Even if you are not an entrepreneur, it’s good for a Christian to have a life plan. Your life plan is an outline of all the things you want to accomplish. For example, go on a mission trip, raise money for a charity or Christian project, earn a college degree, or even buy a home.

A business plan or life plan is a road map to direct your activities or how you spend your life.


Creating a new product or products is a great way to boost your business profits or to meet a particular need. For example, have you noticed a gap in the market that you can fill? Do your customers keep asking for a particular product, or can you create a complementary product for one of your existing products?

If you haven’t changed your product line or catalog for a long time, it may be time to breathe new life into your business by creating something new especially if it’s something your customers have been requesting.

So, take a look at your business and product catalog to see what new products you can add on. Perhaps, you have been sitting on some product ideas waiting for the right time to create them. You can make it your goal to focus on product creation and releasing new product lines.

Even if you don’t want to create something new, you can change up some of your existing products. For instance, you could change the packaging, bundle up some of your services, or add a personal touch to some of your offerings.

There’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to revamping or improving your product line.


One of the biggest challenges business owners face is how to find more customers. How do you attract more people to your business?

The more people you can attract to your business, the better your sales and profit. If your business is struggling to attract customers, one of your most important business goals is to improve your marketing tactics.

One way to do it is to find ways to increase the traffic to your website or shop especially if you are an online business, or you have an online presence. You can do this by using social media or paying for advertisements. Whatever method you choose, make sure you are committed to it and you have a way to measure your progress.

Don’t invest a lot of time or money or tactics or marketing strategies that aren’t working for you. However, you need to allow some time for a new strategy to work before you pull the plug. It takes time to see results on your marketing effort, so always bear that in mind.


As Christians and stewards of God’s resources, it’s our responsibility to maximize all that we have been given. And, one of the ways to demonstrate good stewardship is to avoid waste and be smart about how we spend money.

As a business owner, you should always be on the lookout for ways to cut your business costs. Sometimes, the easiest way to increase your business profit is to cut your expenses. Cutting your expenses means you get to keep more of your profit.

So, one of your Christian life goals and Christian business goals should be to cut costs, become a better financial steward, and in the process, you can create a more secure financial future.

While we can’t predict what the future may bring, we can certainly take steps to plan and prepare for emergencies. A secure financial future means you are don’t worry about your finances all the time or find yourself facing financial problems.

While we put our hope and faith in God and not our abilities, it’s also good to be financially savvy and prudent.


Sometimes we get too busy trying to do all the things that we ignore our health. However, ignoring your health often comes at a cost, so one of your Christian goals in life should be taking care of your health and your body.

The Bible says that you are the temple of the Lord. What this means is that you should be mindful of how you treat your body. In practical terms, this means, what you eat or drink is important, so focus on your health.

Get healthy. Eat healthily, drink lots of water, exercise, get enough sleep, and try to reduce stress as much as possible. Your physical, mental, and emotional health are all important, so make sure you take care of yourself.


Yes, Christians can sometimes find themselves in toxic relationships or surround themselves with toxic people. One of your Christian life goals should be to purge your life of toxic people and relationships.

Whether it is your church, business, community, or friends, be wary of the company you keep. Anything that doesn’t edify you, build you up, or make you a better person, isn’t really good for you.

Sadly, there’s so much negativity and toxicity in the world today, but it’s your responsibility to weed them out. You have to keep pruning your life and relationships until you are surrounded by positivity and goodness.

Avoid destructive and hateful people. Embrace love, peace, and fellowship because that’s who we are supposed to be in Christ.


Your spiritual life can no longer afford to take a backseat if you want to continue to walk in faith. As a Christian, one of your most important life goals is to grow in faith and in the knowledge of God.

Aspire to be like Paul in Philippians 3:10 and pray like him .“That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;”

Growing in faith requires time and deep hunger for God. You have to be earnest and committed to doing the will of God. You can’t grow in the knowledge of God unless you are hungry and thirsty for that knowledge.

So, if you are committed to serving and glorifying God in your life or business, you must devote time to learn about him. Spend time in His word and prayer. There are no shortcuts or easy paths to knowing God other than studying his word and praying.

Below are some of my favorite resources for growing in faith and the knowledge of God.

The Knowledge of the Holy

The Pursuit of God

Crucified Life: How To Live Out A Deeper Christian Experience


No matter what your other goals are, making time for learning and personal growth is one goal everyone should have. Continuous learning is a prerequisite for success no matter your field in life.

Whether you are a pastor, a youth leader, an entrepreneur, or you teach Sunday school, you must strive to keep improving. While you don’t necessarily have to go back to school or take formal classes, you should take active steps to keep improving your life.

From learning a new language or a new skill, there are lots of opportunities for personal growth, if it is something you are really interested in. So, make personal growth and learning one of your goals for the new year, and never stop learning if you want to live a full and well-balanced life.


I have had seasons in my life when I focused on the wrong things. I got so invested in things that ultimately didn’t matter. While it’s okay to be passionate about some things, the danger comes when we lose sight of what truly matters.

At the end of the day, everything is going to pass away and the only thing that’s going to stand is the word of God. So don’t get caught up in your current lifestyle that you lose touch with what is really important.

Yes, grow your business, focus on your job and hobbies, but don’t neglect your most important relationships or sacrifice relationships or your faith in pursuit of things that don’t matter.

Think about how you have been spending your life. Where have you focused most of your time, energy, and resources? Do they really matter? Are you happier?

Final thoughts on 11 Realistic Business and Life Goals for Christians

Setting Christian business goals or Christian life goals is something you should do if you want to be more productive. Without goals, it’s easy to get sidetracked or lose touch with what is truly important.

As a Christian, there are lots of business goals or life goals you can set, but I hope the ones in this post will give you some idea to help you write out your goals.

Finally, remember goals don’t work unless you do. You have to take action otherwise your goals are meaningless. So, pick one goal and start working on it. It’s okay to start anywhere as long as you stay focused on them.

What are some of your Christian business goals or life goals?

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11 Realistic Business and Life Goals for Christians

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