Prayer for Business Sales: How to Pray When You Need More Sales

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Some Bible verses you can pray over your business to attract more sales

As a Christian business owner, I have prayed for lots of things, but the most frequent prayer I have prayed is probably for more sales. There are times when you have done everything you know, yet your business isn’t doing well. When that happens the only thing you can do is to pray.

For me, the most effective way I know how to pray is to pray the scriptures. There’s something about praying God’s word back to him. It reassures me of his promises, and I know that he hears me when I pray because I am praying his word. Of course, there are other ways to pray too. For example, I have had some moments of despair when all I could muster was “help me, God.”

There’s no right way or wrong way to pray (generally speaking). What is important is to come with a humble heart and a heart of faith. So if you’re going through difficult times in your business and need a prayer for business sales, let me share some of my favorite Bible verses to pray.

You can use these scriptures to pray for more sales for your business, when you’ve tried everything else.


Prayer for Business Sales: How to Pray When You Need More Sales

1. Sustain me as You promised, that I may live; let me not be ashamed of my hope. (Psalm 119:116)

No business can survive without customers and sales. You need sales to sustain your business and to meet your financial needs. So remind God of his promise to sustain you. In this case, you need good sales for your business to thrive.

I believe that God is faithful to his word, and if he has promised to sustain you, he’s going to do just that. So go ahead, pray this scripture as many times as you need to until you see a change in your circumstances.

2. Save now, I beseech thee, O LORD: O LORD, I beseech thee, send now prosperity. (Psalm 118:25)

Since a prayer for business sales is basically a prayer for God to prosper your business, this Bible verse is a good one to pray over your business. Remember, it’s God who gives you the power to get wealth, so you need to beseech him in your time of need.

Remind him of this fact. Let him know you’re counting on him to come through for you because he’s the owner of your business, and all power belongs to him. Ask God to send you more customers and sales to revive your business.

3. In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty. (Proverbs 14:23)

There are times when I feel ashamed to ask God for his blessing. Usually, it’s when I haven’t been diligent in my business and I know the lack of progress is a direct result of my laziness.

But trust me, when I have been working hard, doing everything that I am supposed to, and still no result, you bet I am very bold when it comes to praying this scripture.

I am like “God, you know me and you see me. You see me when I wake up early and go to bed late working on my business. I am feeling a little discouraged because I am not seeing any results. My business isn’t in a good state and unless I get some sales coming in, I am not going to be able to meet my financial commitments.”

If you’ve been working hard on your business with no result, here is your chance to remind God of his word. He said “in all toil, there’s profit,” so you need some profit right about now.

Needless to say, if you haven’t been working hard, this might be a tricky prayer for you (ha!) Nah, seriously, God is merciful, but you have to be faithful and do your part.

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4. My heart overflows with a pleasing theme; I address my verses to the king; my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe. (Psalm 45:1)

Knowing how to attract and convert customers are two of the most important skills you need as a business owner. Sometimes the reason why you are struggling with your business sales is because your marketing message isn’t good enough. This is where this scripture comes in.

Ask God to help you come up with the right words and the right message that will attract more customers and sales. Tell him to help you use the right words in your advertising and whatever sales channel you use.

Pray that you will become great at communicating with your customers so you can continue to attract more sales. If your message isn’t connecting to your potential customers, they are not going to buy from you, that’s the truth.

This is my go-to prayer for business sales when I am reaching potential customers but they are not converting into sales.

You can pray something as simple as ” Lord, I know my marketing is reaching people because I get calls, inquiries, and I see the traffic. I know they see me, but for some reason, I am not connecting with these people. Please show me what I can improve or change to convert these potential customers into actual sales.”

A simple prayer like this can make a big difference. Perhaps this prayer can help you reassess your sales and marketing strategy, so you can boost your sales and profit.

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5. The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will. (Proverbs 21:1)

Along the same lines as above, if you’re getting lots of clicks to your websites, inquiries, or phone calls but they are not converting into sales, maybe there’s something stopping people from buying. Perhaps, they don’t like the product enough, or they are not happy with the price or whatever.

One thing you can do is to pray for favor. Pray that when your potential customer sees your products, it would be pleasing to their eyes. That they will look at your offerings in a good way. Ask God to turn their hearts so your business will find favor in their sight, just like he turns the heart of the king.

Without sales your business won’t survive , so you need favor from God and men.

You can pray something like this: “Dear Lord, when people see what I offer, let them see something that’s good and useful. Turn their hearts in my favor. Let them choose me over my competitors. I know you can turn hearts wherever you please, so please, turn hearts in my favor.”

Prayer for more sales doesn’t have to be long-winded. Sometimes a simple prayer is all you need, so don’t think you have to come up with some big or profound words to catch God’s attention.

6. Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men. (Proverbs 22:29)

I always like to be honest with myself and others. So I am going to be honest here because the Bible says we should speak the truth in love.

To be honest, there are times when our business isn’t growing or profitable because of the quality of what we are selling. While it’s good to pray for sales and more customers, we must ensure that what we are selling is good and meets a need. Because it doesn’t matter how much you pray if your products aren’t good enough.

So this is where you ask God to help you to become more skilled at what you do. Pray for a spirit of excellence so you can create or produce high-quality goods or services. When your products are great, other people will help you spread the word without you asking, and that will bring in more sales.

So focus on the quality of your products. Make sure your products are great and they solve a specific problem. Prayer for business sales won’t work if you don’t have the right products.

7. And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

When your business is struggling, it can be tempting to think that God has forsaken you, but nothing could be further from the truth. God’s word is infallible. He never changes which means if he said: “for those who love God all things work together for good,” that’s exactly what he means.

So don’t get discouraged or lose hope in God or your business. Remain steadfast and continue to remind God of his promises. Tell him how much you love him. Let him know you’re committed to doing his will, working on your business, and using it for his glory.

Thank him because you know he’s going to work things out in due course.

A Few More Words on Prayer for Business Sales: How to Pray When You Need More Sales

Not having enough sales in your business is one of the hardest things you can face. It can make you feel discouraged and hopeless especially when it’s through no fault of your own. But God is faithful.

You must hold on to that. So keep praying for more sales and for the right people to come your way. In the meantime, don’t stop working on your business and looking for practical ways to grow your business. You’ve got this!

What do you do when your business sales plummet?

Here are some of my favorite prayer resources (and other useful resources) if you need some help with your prayer life.

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